Thursday, October 16, 2008


Chaotic Mess! A fucking brutal skate/punk band from ESCO. I first saw these guys when, my old band, "The Heathens" played with them at Fat Katz with another North County great "Caustic Uproar."Met their singer Tony at a party we played for Jeff King at a Kingrails wharehouse in San Marcos, CA. My brother lost his virginity that night to some old drunk chick. That was a fun party!Tony hit me up when Dirtbag started to play shows. Later on my good buddy Nardo took over on drums with them and we still set shit up. Their songs are short, fast and snotty and very to the point. I recomend seeing these guys live. You'll either want to fight them or love them. Either way you'll remember CHAOTIC MESS.


3.John Wayne Gacy
4.Life will end
5.I am hate
7.Smash your face
8.Not Really Here
9.Detrimental Greed
10.Troy Song
11.I don't care
13. Look for the [/]

DOWNLOAD HERE Here is an older picture of me and Tony. We played a super shitty show in Ventura. Left it and came to watch the Angry Samoans up the street. He just hung out in the bar the whole time.

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