Sunday, December 21, 2008

DRUNK INJUNS - Frontside Grind

Classic old skate punk right here. I know Alternative Tentacles re-released material on a CD on their skate rock volumes, but it only has a certain tracks from this full length. In my opinion this is what they should have re-released. Since they did you go..thanks to Zach over blog if least resistance for uploading this one! check it out

1. Not Forever Yours
2. She Gots A Gun
3. ...And Then You Die
4. They Walked In Line
5. Moments Of Clouds And Rain
6. Metal Serenade
7. Lotta Kill
8. Blood Drips Like Passing Thoughts
9. Mental Holocaust
10. Airam
11. For Real

Thursday, December 11, 2008

DIRTBAG - unreleased

Found this over at BLOG OF LEAST RESISTANCE! DIRTBAG's original recording of TIJUANA done back in 2004, with some live tracks from a town on the border in AZ near needles, and two covers that were recorded during the first album recording sessions. Follow the track list for correct song titles. The live recordings are okay, leads are real quiet though. Check it out

1. Tijuana (original)
2. We Won't Pay To Play (LIVE)
3. 5 Day Jail / The Crew (LIVE)
4. Boredom/My Minds Diseased (Verbal Abuse/Battalion of Saints)

Monday, December 1, 2008

PTL KLUB - 13 Commandments

What? you've never heard of PTL Klub?! Well then....listen to this! Hailing from Boston comes this snotty, dirty, and gritty hardcore punk band. I have seen the "Living Death" Ep posted on plenty of other Blogs, but not this classic. I used to blast this shit all the time when I first got my hands on it. PTL Klub plays fast, in your face, hardcore punk! Check this one out!

1. Real Thing
2. No N.F.
3. Warning
4. Join P.T.L.
5. P.F.J.
6. Corp. Asshole
7. Green Acres
8. No Fun
9. Drunk Driving
10. Ill Feelings
11. God
12. M.X.
13. Suck Out Loud