Saturday, January 3, 2009


Thanks to Zach over at Blog of Least Resistance for uploading this album! You may have seen LITMUS GREEN in "The Decline of Western Civilization 3". I would see these guys play all the time at the Showcase Theatre in Corona myself! They were a great band to see live and blast their recordings as defenitive must have in anyones collection. Check it out!

1. Hear Hymm
2. Corporate Scam
3. Nasanimal Killers
4. Star 69
5. The Crazy Lady
6. Hegemony
7. Duran Sirhan
8. You Don't Owe Me
9. Happy Birthday! You're Gonna Die
10. JJ The Wage Slave Whale
11. Fuck America
12. And Your Buddha Too
13. OC Scene II
14. I Love Tofu

Where I call home

These are some pictures I took with my crappy camera on my phone just the other day out in the desert by where I live. It's nice to just be able to get away and yet be so close to home. My girlfriend and I just go out there....drink some tall cans and smoke the good stuff and hike through the desert. This time we just went out and relaxed for about an hour then headed back. Next time I will go out deeper into the canyons and get some better pictures.