Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the OUTSIDERS - Don't Tread On Me

Here is another Jersey Oi!/Punk outfit "The Outsiders". Picked this 7inch up along with the previous post. Will be posting a split from with the two here soon. I really don't know too much about this band other that I first heard em on the "Pure Punk" compilation and have couple of their 7inch's. Check it out!

1. Don't Tread on Me
2. Crisis
3. What ever happened to the boys?
4. I won't be a solider --Frankie's Song


SQUIGGY - Middle Class Rebellion

SQUIGGY hailing from New Jersey. Picked up this 7inch years ago, after hearing them on the "Pure Punk" compilation put out on Cyclone Records. I don't listen to much Oi! these days as I did 10 years ago, but I always enjoyed this record. Simple songs with lyrics of struggle plus more. Check this one out!

1. Stand Up
2. Middle Class Rebellion
3. Block by Block
4. Johnny
5. Born Again?


Saturday, March 28, 2009

LITMUS GREEN - It Must Suck To Be You

Found this over a new cool blog "Rat Shit Sandwich"! This was the very first Litmus Green album I ever had. Lost if over the years, so thank you Rat Shit Sandwich. I remember drinking 40 oz's in the alley up the street before entering the all age Showcase Theatre venue in Corona and seeing Litmus Green. Great punk rock from start to finish. Check this out!

Track List:

1. Jesus H. Christ
2. Bear Ill Of Monkeys
3. I Hate You
4. P.M.R. Clinton
5. 1-800-97-Jenny
6. Killer Neighbors
7. Squid
8. Operation Unabomer
9. H.A.N.K.
10. Born To Die
11. Slinky-Dinky
12. Bill's On TV Again
13. For-Too
14. Anal Probe


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

JOYFUL SOUNDS - Free Full Length

Click on pic to download
Joyful Sounds has decided not to release their new full length on CD. But rather let you Download it for free, due the fact they are broke and current inactivity. That does not mean Joyful Sounds isn't still around...they'll be playing again here real soon. Take advantage of this free album...it's fucking bad ass!!!! I would have paid for this no questions asked!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Caustic Uproar hailing from Vista , CA! First met these dudes when I was playing drums in North Counties "The Heathens". My buddy Adam and I were buying some cheap ass budweiser shirts at this Shirt Outlet when we ran into their singer Badger. Rolled over to us in his pickup with fliers for a show they were doing in Oceanside and introduced himself. Later that evening our band went to start practice at Goblin Studios in San Marcos. Turns out Caustic Uproar was practicing in the space right next to us. Right after that the shows together starting happening. These guys played their hearts out with every fucking riff and beat! Yelling in the mic with such fucking passion for the shit he has to say! Anyone who has seen em knows what the fuck I'm talking about. This is their second demo they recorded..still trying to locate their first.
Check it out!


1. War
2. So What
3. City For The Punx
4. Uproar Boys
5. Waste Away


Friday, March 13, 2009


This band has been around a while with a few lineup changes, but always fronted by this kid Sean.They have a for sure old hardcore sound and the songs have sped up from when I originally saw them back 2004. Kill City seem to be one of those bands that lays low for little periods, then out of no where is fucking it up again. Kill CIty started playing when everyone seemed to be doing the generic street punk clone bands. Way stoked when I first heard these guys and to know we were having a show soon right after. You can get this at brainconstipation records ....it's a limited edition tape. I don't believe they have many left. If you like...try and get one before they're no more.

1. In My Chamber/The Silence
2. Graveyard Screams From A Neon Hell
3. Speculation


[pic taken from their myspace]


[not actual cover]
Here is a demo Chaotic Mess did over a year ago. I think some of the tracks were on a demo comp 7inch that had a limited press on Get Revenge Records!. I know they have some new soon to be released material. Got this demo on CD-R along with Demo's from San Diego's the Resentments, The Lugers, and Discriminados. I'll post that stuff as well here soon. These Chaotic Mess recordings have a bit better production on them rather than the 2nd album I posted previously. Check it out!

1 Bloody Period Sex
2 Troy Song
3 Box with the Line [/]
4 Fuck Religion
5 Poser
6 Bloody Fetus in the Toilet
7 Sixteen
8 Esco Trash
9 Stupid Fat Slut


Thursday, March 5, 2009

THE LEWD - Kill Yourself Again

This is pretty much the Lewd's Discography from 1978-1982! Includes the rare Kill Yourself 7inch and the whole American Wino LP plus more. I love listening to this shit when I'm high as hell and chugging on some cold ones! I believe they were from Seattle then relocated in SF or is it the other way around? Anyways a must have..check it out!

1. Kill Yourself
2. Trash Can Baby
3. Pay or Die
4. American Wino
5. Justice/Liberty
6. I'm Not Pretty
7. Climate of Fear
8. Magnetic Heart
9. Suburban Prodigy
10. Beyond Moderation
11. Polluted Brain
12. Fight
13. Mobile Home
14. Cold & Numb
15. Gun Fun
16. Lewd Conduct
17. We Are Now
18. Going Downtown
19. Roman Polanski
20. Catastrophe
21. Abomination
22. Scum of the Earth
23. Secret Agent Man
24. Trash Can Baby
25. Roman Polanski
26. Day of Decision
27. Climate of Fear
28. (Go To Hell In) Hollywood


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WANTED DEAD - Repercussions

Straight up hardcore punk from the beach city of "O" Side (Oceanside, CA). Wanted Dead has been around since the 90's with members from the Numbskullz. This is their first official full length album they put out. Even did a tour with the Dwarves a while back. If you're ever in the North San Diego County area you'll meet people who will destroy for this band! Definite must see if they are in your area or in their's. I'll be posting their unreleased sampler here shortly! Enjoy!

Track List:
1 Intro
2 Shout Out
3 100 Proof Blackout
4 Revenge
5 Mace on my Face
6 The Bats
7 Fucked at Birth
8 Dancin with the Devil
9 Murder
10 Deathwish
11 Buried in the Sand
12 Violence
13 Society
14 Black Roses
15 Few Good Men