Saturday, March 21, 2009


Caustic Uproar hailing from Vista , CA! First met these dudes when I was playing drums in North Counties "The Heathens". My buddy Adam and I were buying some cheap ass budweiser shirts at this Shirt Outlet when we ran into their singer Badger. Rolled over to us in his pickup with fliers for a show they were doing in Oceanside and introduced himself. Later that evening our band went to start practice at Goblin Studios in San Marcos. Turns out Caustic Uproar was practicing in the space right next to us. Right after that the shows together starting happening. These guys played their hearts out with every fucking riff and beat! Yelling in the mic with such fucking passion for the shit he has to say! Anyone who has seen em knows what the fuck I'm talking about. This is their second demo they recorded..still trying to locate their first.
Check it out!


1. War
2. So What
3. City For The Punx
4. Uproar Boys
5. Waste Away


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