Sunday, March 20, 2011


A Few Loose Skrews - 395

Fuck yeah bitches! Been wanting to hear this for a bit now and finally got it today. Sick fucking old school hardcore from some cool ass dudes who get down for their shit. First time I saw em play was at a crowded backyard in the I.E. and they fucking destroyed! Good shit right here with Spitting on Cops vocalist Clumsy and I.E. punk veterans Knife, and Chico. Definitely not for posers or pussies.

1 She's Trippin
2 Today's Lesson
3 Get it Out
4 Pantyhose Mask
5 Eight Days Clean
6 My Name is War
7 Deliverance
8 I Smell Bacon
9 MOTAvation
10 King Cobra
11 Liquor Store
12. Psycho Ward


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Unit 21 - Strangle The Reason

Fast fucking hardcore punk from Texas. I was at a show at the Ponderosa Ranch in Hesperia, CA when these dudes played. Band that played before them kinda bored me so I went outside and chilled with my buddy. We met some old desert local who happened to have a crapload of homegrown dank on him. So during the chance I should of went inside to see if the next band was better I was a plant. Their set was over and my brother comes out all fucking jazzed. He let me know my mistake.

We had them stay over at our pad that night and just smoked some more....way cool dudes.........damn I should of waited...still haven't seen em play

Rise Fall Repeat
Strangle the Reason
Empire Laid to Ruin
We Continue