Wednesday, April 29, 2009


DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Here today Guano Tomorrow

After first hearing "Feed us a Fetus" I had to get my hands on the next Dayglo record. This was a good one to put on tape and skate around too. "Shred central" would get me all amped to charge on my board. Still does to this day.

Track list

1. Fuck my shit stinks

2. Fuck satan to death

3. Dragons

4. Hide the hamster

5. The spawn of Yog Sothoth

6. Shred Central

7. Drugged and driving

8. Here today Guano tomorrow

9. Kill Johnny Stiff


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


SET TO DESTROY - Drink by day! Swerve by Night!

Get your ears ready for a shredfest of crossfaded thrash from Victorville, CA! Yeah yeah, my brother is in this band, but listen for yourself..these guys are legit. 5 peices of shit douchebags putting out some of the deserts hardest music! Great for any fan of RKL to anyone jumping on the Municipal Waste thrash takeover! 3 brothers, one Mr. Peabody dude on bass, and my brother make up Set To Destroy. If your idea of a good time is chilling with your homies with dank and some drank and 7 plys...This shit is your soundtrack for those times! check it out

1. Set to Destroy
2. Toke! Thrash! Beer!
3. The Day that Straight Edge Died
4. Skate to Hell (old Fecal Matter song)
5. Drink Positive (RKL cover)
6. Scrape my pipe
7. You're fake
8. Victorville


(left ot Right: JoeyMontoya, Anthony Montoya, Oliver, Baby Vultch)

[pic taken from their myspace]

Sunday, April 26, 2009

CHAOTIC MESS - Automatic Magazine Interview

This interview came from an AUTOMATIC SKATE MAGAZINE issue in 2005. The interview is done by non other than Badger from Caustic Uproar!

The Punk scene is a fucking Mess!
I have a hard time understanding what Punk Rock is nowadays, and I'm too full of pride to accept any band as a punk band just because they"meet the criteria" (i.e. distorted guitars and studded belts etc.) I'm just an old fucker who still believes Punk is a way of life. When I find a band that fits what my interpretation of Punk Rock is, I get amped and want to shove it into everyone's face. Chaotic Mess is one of those bands. Their music is spawned from "The Life". You can break shit to it, it makes people nervous, and will probably help you skate better. Oh, and don't let the name fool you, they kill it. The last gig I saw them play had punx pulling their teeth out, vomiting, and the pussies running for cover. Perfect. Some label them as a skate band, if so, they hold their own to any of my favorites. Fuck what I think though, I asked them ugly fucks a few questions. - Badger

For the uninformed, how would you describe Chaotic Mess?
A band that doesn't give a fuck about anything, we do what we
want. We're here to destroy your scene!
What are some of influences?
GG, D.R.I., David Allen Coe, any thrash, Nardcore, any old skate punk.
What's your idea of a perfect gig?
Free beer, money, people destroying shit and thrashing.
If you could make anyone or anything eat dog cock, who
or what would it be?
Last Words?
Fueled by hate, the skate, sluts, drugs, beer and thrash. Viva La Box Crew!
How do the sick get music and info? or

[picture from personal collection]
WASTOIDS.COM is no was a site that shared DIRTBAG and CHAOTIC MESS at one point. But will be back up this summer

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Been lagging on uploads due to shitty high winds and weather. So here is some old footage of Dirtbag playing in Barstow, CA. It's real crappy quality, but was interesting for me to find.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I was youtubing it stoned and ran across this. Reminded me a litte of when I saw them the same year in Long Beach with Drain Bramaged. It was a good show except for the fact they cut Gang Green set short. But the 15 minutes they had were fucking worth it!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Here is CAUSTIC UPROAR's final release Recorded by Dirty from Wanted Dead in October of 2007. I recently received a care package from Badger (guitar and lead vocals on all previous recordings) that came with copies of this album and shirts. When I lived in the North San Diego County area we would play together all the time. Since I moved to California Mojave Desert I haven't been up to date with the scene in that area as much and missed out on picking this release earlier. Since their is no distributor for them, done completley DIY, you have to get it directly from the band. This is a great fucking punk album from start to finish!!!!! The riffs, the vocals, the fuckin attitude is all there for the makings of one the best punk albums of the 2000's. These guys are punks playing music for the punks and damn proud of it! Check it out!!!


1. Who's To Blame
2. Nazi Scum
3. Anti PC Generation
4. Liar
5. In It For Life
6. Low Life
7. War
8. Classified Odds
9. City For The Punx
10. Death To Them All


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ANARCHY 6 - Hardcore Lives

Found this gem over at Blog of Least Resistance! ANARCHY 6 from so Cal....Which I guess is band formed out of members from previous hard core acts like Redd Kross and Sin 34 but not exactly sure. Great shit to skate, drink and smoke too! Thanks Zach for posting this.

1. Old Punks
2. Attitude
3. Unite And Fight
4. Suburban Jail
5. Drugs Arent Great
6. Victims Of The Government
7. Living In Society
8. New Age Old Lie
9. Third World Vacation
10. Skate And Destroy
11. Negative Threat
12. Crackwagon
13. Next Stop Nowhere
14. Babylon Rules
15. Look Fast(To Be Fast)
16. (See You) In The Pit
17. Slam, Spit, Cut Your Hair, Kill Your Mom