Tuesday, April 28, 2009


SET TO DESTROY - Drink by day! Swerve by Night!

Get your ears ready for a shredfest of crossfaded thrash from Victorville, CA! Yeah yeah, my brother is in this band, but listen for yourself..these guys are legit. 5 peices of shit douchebags putting out some of the deserts hardest music! Great for any fan of RKL to anyone jumping on the Municipal Waste thrash takeover! 3 brothers, one Mr. Peabody dude on bass, and my brother make up Set To Destroy. If your idea of a good time is chilling with your homies with dank and some drank and 7 plys...This shit is your soundtrack for those times! check it out

1. Set to Destroy
2. Toke! Thrash! Beer!
3. The Day that Straight Edge Died
4. Skate to Hell (old Fecal Matter song)
5. Drink Positive (RKL cover)
6. Scrape my pipe
7. You're fake
8. Victorville


(left ot Right: JoeyMontoya, Anthony Montoya, Oliver, Baby Vultch)

[pic taken from their myspace]

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B Brown inc. said...

thats what im talkin about! Good stuff!