Tuesday, May 26, 2009


WANTED DEAD - Sampler (2005)

(pic taken from their myspace)
Here is another post from Oceansides WANTED DEAD! I've posted their first full length here previously. This is a sampler CD I recieved from them I think in 2005. It has never been released to my knowledge, and have since made more. Great fucking shit here, good and dirty hardcore punk from these North San Diegans. Catch their show if you can...good shit! Check it out. Not for the hippy punks

(no track listing available)


(taken from their myspace)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

Got his from over at Thrasher magazines website. I just got back from the Bay Area a few days ago and did some skateboarding while I could. I took my brother up there to play fill in lead guitar for Schiesse Minnelli (German Skate Punk band) at Gilman St. In Berkeley. We did a few shows with them last year when they came to the west coast. Very good skate punk band. I'll be posting a 7inch hopefully here soon. So enjoy some good skating from this dude for now

[Here's the flyer from the show]

Thursday, May 21, 2009


SWINDLE - Within These Walls

Here is a CD I got back in High School. Swindle was a local San Diego punk band who I would see once and while. They had a good local following from what I remember. Good shit to hear when it was a time when shitty punk was popping up everywhere...with everyone trying to sound like NOFX and LAGWAGON but doing it horribly. This one brings back some memories of cruising around wasted and skating in Carlsbad and Oceanside. Check it out

1. Chaos Kids
2. Within
3. Give it up
4. One Track
5. U.S.A.
6. My Mind
7. Other Way
8. This One
9. Fuck Madonna
10. The City
11. Skeezer
12. Nation
13. Inside Her
14. Prudershime
15. Runaway
16. Fight Back
17. Don't Know


(pic taken from sandiegopunk.com)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Putter Litter in it's Place

F.Y.P. - Incomplete Crap

Computer is acting like shit so I found this over at another blog I ran across http://strenghtcrew.blogspot.com/ . Check em out. Anyways...This is one of the FYP albums I would blast all the fucking time. it's so damn shitty it's great. On the back of the CD itself all the tracks are in random places and out of order. You had to figure out the correct tracklisting. But here it's all laid out for you. Thanks to strenghtcrew.blogspot for uploading this one. Check it out.


01 Allergic
02 Put Litter In It’s Place
03 Red Light Special
04 Out Of Range
05 F.U./Make It Right
06 Blackout
07 Maynard
08 Born With A Dick
09 Predict The Past
10 Bring It On
11 Ice Cream
12 Animism
13 Fine Print
14 While Supplies Last
15 45 Rpm
16 Guns Are Stoopid
17 Notch
18 In Crowd
19 I Want Your Badge
20 Pledge Of Allegiance Sucks
21 You Should Have Been Aborted
22 Patridiot
23 Boxing Is Dum
24 Bring It On
25 If I Object
26 Warning Signs
27 Seeing Is Believing
28 Dress Code
29 Shut Up
30 Made In USA
31 Unappreciated
32 In Season
33 Detention/Help Us
34 Turn It Off
35 Rejection From Thee Fuckin Vol
36 Remedy
37 Extra Credit/Life Alert
38 Bring It On
39 Tone Test

DOWNLOAD HERE password : strenghtcrew

Sunday, May 10, 2009


CONDEMNED 2 DEATH - Diary of a Love Monster

Great early hardcore punk from these early SF squatter punks. Members of this band went on to form the more metallic version of Verbal Abuse and other hardcore acts. Songs on this album are by no means fast, but have more of that snotty fuck you stoner punk vibe like Fang, Sick Pleasure, Bad Posture etc.....Goes great with some cheap ass weed and a low budget 18 pack of beer. Check it out!


1. Lost Tweekend
2. Depo-Provera
3. The Assassin
4. Stoned to death
5. Night of the Succubus
6. Deformed Bloodghouls
7. What's in the Basement
8. Love Monster
9. Hair Spray Randy
10. Parricide Baby
11. Bloodriver
12. Bang your Maidenhead


Thursday, May 7, 2009


Tri City Trashed - One Life

Tri City Trashed from Orange County. Picked this up at a show we played together with them for Drain Bramaged's DecemBEER fest. Out the bands I did see, these guys were good. So I got their CD. Now I am posting it a few years later. The drummer is brothers with Scotch from Drain Bramage, and I've met him a few times prior to hearing his band. He played in two that night, but this was his better of the two bands. Check it Out


1. On the frontlines
2. One Life
3. Goin' Nowhere
4. Revenge Avenge Defend
5. Just a mess
6. Happy Spaztik (Chaos UK cover)
7. Surprise Attack
8. Brainwashed
9. The Price
10. Ice Beers
11. When will it end
12. Liquid Courage


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm drinking my life away!

HIT BY A SEMI - Friends, Booze and Tattoos

Here is HIT BY A SEMI from Chico, CA. Our singer in the Heathens ,Brian, was friends with these guys and got us to play a few shows with them. Back when I was pretty much living day to day figuring out how I was going to get fucked up. My brother was only 15 at the time, getting way to drunk for being a minor just to hit on girls by telling them he was only 15. He soon learned that wasn't the best way hook up with girls in a bar. They got their name from their bassist, who was literally hit by a semi when he was 13. Very catchy punk rock n roll anthems. A good soundtrack for boozed up times. Check it out


1. Don't Know
2. Wasting Away
3. Searching
4. Conformity
5. Floyd
6. Friends Booze and Tattoos
7. This Town
8. Machine Gun Kids
9. Say
10. When I'm Not Around
11. Fucked Up
12. Depends

Picture taken from the web

Monday, May 4, 2009


This is one of the Desert's finest! K.I.L formerly known as KILDOZER. Working class drunk punk. I used to work with Paul (lead vocals/bassist) and Davey (lead vocals/ guitar) doing concrete and framing. These guys literally would write songs during their lunch breaks. Those were great times. Dirtbag even had Paul doing double duties playing bass with us for a short while. I remember Davey showing up to a show once with our other buddy that worked with us, Pifer, demanding everyone to get fucked up at a local show at the Trilogy Theatre. Force feeding Heinekin down everyboy's throat! Good punk to drink to with your friends. They have a full length available now and you can buy it here!


1. Drinkin Beer
2. The Underground
3. Loaded Gun
4. Kildozer
5. Dropout
6. 8 to 80
7. Mohawk Revolution


Spitting on Cops and K.I.L in Las Vegas

K.I.L live at the Clam Shack
(A venue that was opened in dedication Paul's brother Clamz, Fecal Matter's vocalist)