Thursday, May 7, 2009


Tri City Trashed - One Life

Tri City Trashed from Orange County. Picked this up at a show we played together with them for Drain Bramaged's DecemBEER fest. Out the bands I did see, these guys were good. So I got their CD. Now I am posting it a few years later. The drummer is brothers with Scotch from Drain Bramage, and I've met him a few times prior to hearing his band. He played in two that night, but this was his better of the two bands. Check it Out


1. On the frontlines
2. One Life
3. Goin' Nowhere
4. Revenge Avenge Defend
5. Just a mess
6. Happy Spaztik (Chaos UK cover)
7. Surprise Attack
8. Brainwashed
9. The Price
10. Ice Beers
11. When will it end
12. Liquid Courage


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