Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm drinking my life away!

HIT BY A SEMI - Friends, Booze and Tattoos

Here is HIT BY A SEMI from Chico, CA. Our singer in the Heathens ,Brian, was friends with these guys and got us to play a few shows with them. Back when I was pretty much living day to day figuring out how I was going to get fucked up. My brother was only 15 at the time, getting way to drunk for being a minor just to hit on girls by telling them he was only 15. He soon learned that wasn't the best way hook up with girls in a bar. They got their name from their bassist, who was literally hit by a semi when he was 13. Very catchy punk rock n roll anthems. A good soundtrack for boozed up times. Check it out


1. Don't Know
2. Wasting Away
3. Searching
4. Conformity
5. Floyd
6. Friends Booze and Tattoos
7. This Town
8. Machine Gun Kids
9. Say
10. When I'm Not Around
11. Fucked Up
12. Depends

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