Saturday, October 25, 2008

VERBAL ABUSE - Red, White and Violent

One of Verbal Abuses later releases of crossover, hardcore thrash. This one is even more metal the Verbal Abuse "Rocks Your Liver" lp. Scotty Wilkins is still on vocals on this recording and I think it sounds pretty good. A lot different than with Nicki Sicki on vocals on "American Band" lp, but still a good album. I have a couple buddies who actually think this is their best album. I wouldn't quite say that, but I would say it is very underated and worth picking up. Always thought the cover art of this album was weak and could have been better. Check it out for yourself!


1.Times Runnin' Out
2.Dancin' in a Cyclone
3.Her Last Sin
4.Another Day
5.Right from the Start
6.Red, White & Violent
7.All Juiced Up
9.Locked In
10.Concrete Walls


Friday, October 24, 2008


Here is the other W.T.G. CD I got in the package these dudes sent me. Whoppers Taste Good is one of my new favorites from St. Louis. I'm guessing this is some of their newest stuff they have recorded. You just got to love the cover...hahaha. Check it out!


J.F.A. - s/t LP

JFA's second full length record! I don't know whey they haven't re-released this record yet with the success of re-releasing "Valley of the Yakes" and "Blantant Localism" on one CD. This was the first JFA stuff I heard when I was young. "The Day Walt Disney Died" was the very first JFA song I heard. Eventually I had all JFA's recordings even their weird ass album. CLASSIC SKATE PUNK RECORD. Check it out.

1. Deltitnu
2. tentpeg
3. aba
4. it's not right
5. the day walt disney died
6. standin on the verge
7. I love broads
8. ramp song
9. pipetruck
10. zimbobway
11. untitled


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ENGLISH DOGS - Where the Legend Began LP

The last record of the 4 Metal/Punk English Dogs releases. I already posted 'Metalmorphosis" earlier and you can find "Forward into Battle" and "To The Ends of the Earth" over at DOWN UNDERGROUND. If you have heard any of those releases you'll know what to expect from this. The vocals on this are slightly different from the other metal/punk releases. Seems to be trying to actually sing more on this recording. Guitar player still rages and shreds all over the place. First time I heard this record was from from my buddy Clay. We would always blast English Dogs when we were out and about killing our brain cells. Anways here it is....enjoy!


1 Trauma
2 The Eye Of The Shamahn
3 Enter The Domain
4 Premonition
5 Calm Before The Storm
6 Flashback
7 A Tomb Of Traveler's Past
8 Middle Earth
9 Epilogue

Monday, October 20, 2008

PC DEATH SQUAD - Shit Talking and Mayhem

PC Death Squad is an awesome riffy thrash band from San Diego, CA. This album is awesome. The songs have really ripping riffs and humurous lyrics. Check out their two music videos "hella Sick" and "Fuck Metallica" on if you ever get the chance. They'll have you breaking things. I must say this is one of the best of the new wave of thrash bands that the 2000's has to offer. The singer has ties, I guess, to earlier hardcore outfits, but none as good as PCDS. Hope you like this album as much as I do.

1.March Of The Pcds
2.Pc Death Squad
3.Fuck Yourself
4.One Signature Away
5.Spg (Exploited)
6.The Lurk
7.An Open Letter
8.Army (Raw Power)
9.Full Circle
10.Metal Thrashin Mad (Anthrax)

SOCIAL SPIT - Pyscho Ward

Social Spit, a band from the early San Diego punk scene. This EP was originally released on Mystic Records. Got this CD version a couple years back when they played a show with Chaotic Mess and Caustic Uproar. The CD is on Pegleg records. Which is self re-released by them and poking fun at the singer who has a fake leg. I missed the show due to transportation, but my buddy was there and picked me up a CD. The CD has more tracks than the original 7 inch which I also own. Pyscho Ward original has been posted I believe.t I decided to put this one up cause of the bonus material, and the fact these guys still once and a while will play. There are way cool dudes from what I have heard from my friends who were at the few shows they did again.


1.Reagan Gun Club
3.Death of a Salesman
4.Crowd Control
5.All the Beggars
6.Pyscho Ward
7.Kidz from Nowhere
8.Warhead (Uk Subs Cover)


Sunday, October 19, 2008

WHOPPERS TASTE GOOD - The Four Year Debacle

Hailing from St. Lous comes WHOPPERS TASTE GOOD. I originally heard these guys from another blog site that had their old 7 inch "Don't They" posted. After hearing "Don't They" I was curious if WTG had any more recordings out. Found WTG has a myspace profile and asked them where I could find more of their stuff. WTG wrote back asking for my address and mailed me 2 CD's and a T-Shirt. I didn't actually think they were going to send anything, but I recieved a package in the mail that had 2 CD's and a shirt. My brother and I listened to both CD's all that week and kept looking at each other saying "why the fuck have we never heard of these guys before?".
Inside the album it says "we encourage you to feel free and burn copies of this for others." So this is my way of doing that. They have a metal edge to em but stay punk. Reminds me a little of Dayglo Abortions "Two Dogs Fucking" style of metal and punk. Hope you like it as much as I have. Personal favorite track on here is "Mobile Dirt."


1. Stumble of the W.T.G.
2. Ride the Spike
3.Cheap Beer
5.Mobile Dirt
6.Mattress Tester
7.John Green
8.No Flo



These guys were such a good band. When I first moved out to the desert, I met their bass player at a show in Victorville. Their bass player, John, was the first cool dude I met out here. John ended up playing bass with Dirtbag four years later until he moved to Idaho. First time I saw them play was a shitty show I setup in Barstow at the Club Odyssey. They rarely would play local shows due to their was no real thrash scene in the desert. They also have a split album out with Brazillian thrashers Bandanos that is available now. Towards the end of them playing shows Ruben wasn't singing for them anymore.Cane (their guitar player) took over the job of vocals. I think Cane is playing bass on this record according to the picture on the back of the lp. Ruben is doing the vocals on this and actually all their studio recordings. Check em out...if you like thrash, here it is. Even has a cool Beyond Possession cover on it.


1. Boneyard
2.Crossover Mayhem
3.Dark Exodus
4.Deadly Force
5.Kick Ass
6.No One's Safe
7.Prepare to Die
8.Until I die
9.Vengence (Beyond Possession cover)
11.Zombie Attack


Here is a flyer from a show I threw with them in lovely Barstow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Nihilist from Carlsbad, CA. "The only speed dealer in town" are one of the Nihilist stickers you'll see in their area. These guys rock. First time I heard and seen them was at my buddies Clay's 21st birthday party. Cops raided the party during Nihilist set and everyone started to scatter. I was only 20 at the time and was busted for underage drinking. Well, thought I was busted. The Cops little paddywagon was already full of other underage drinkers.Cops just let me go on my way. Nihilist have a self released album before this demo with someone else on vocals. I'll try to find it and post that also.
And they have a Full length out available. I recommend picking it up!


1. Nihilist Kills
2. Destroyer
3. Hungry For Blood
4. Hessian Mercenary


(picture taken from the web)


Chaotic Mess! A fucking brutal skate/punk band from ESCO. I first saw these guys when, my old band, "The Heathens" played with them at Fat Katz with another North County great "Caustic Uproar."Met their singer Tony at a party we played for Jeff King at a Kingrails wharehouse in San Marcos, CA. My brother lost his virginity that night to some old drunk chick. That was a fun party!Tony hit me up when Dirtbag started to play shows. Later on my good buddy Nardo took over on drums with them and we still set shit up. Their songs are short, fast and snotty and very to the point. I recomend seeing these guys live. You'll either want to fight them or love them. Either way you'll remember CHAOTIC MESS.


3.John Wayne Gacy
4.Life will end
5.I am hate
7.Smash your face
8.Not Really Here
9.Detrimental Greed
10.Troy Song
11.I don't care
13. Look for the [/]

DOWNLOAD HERE Here is an older picture of me and Tony. We played a super shitty show in Ventura. Left it and came to watch the Angry Samoans up the street. He just hung out in the bar the whole time.

DIRTBAG - "Wastoid Scum"

Might as well post this and get it out of the way. DIRTBAG, a band started by my brother and I in 2004. This is our first release on Brain Constipation records. The CD is still available for sale and is only $5 bucks. So I hoping if you like it enough you'll buy it. The CD was released late 2005 early 2006. Came out just in time for our first west coast tour with Italy's hardcore legends RAW POWER. I'll be posting some Raw power here later, but I think they pretty much have been posted a bunch on other blog's. Here is a picture of Mauro and Blonko running the merch table at Hell's Kitchen in Tacoma, WA.

And here is a picture off both Dirtbag and Raw Power in Lake Tahoe. I forget the guy's name with the big dog. He was a way cool guy with a 3 story pad, indoor jacuzzi, game room and a roomate who had great weed who drove a taxi. That was one of the most relaxing nights of the tour. Anways here is are first album we did. Which I still have a hard time listening to myself. Only because I am my own worst critic and I've heard losts of improvements since it was recorded. I also posted a 2 song demo we did at the beginning of this year. We are also hitting the studio here soon for a brand new full length entitled "One life to Liver" (now you know where i get the blog title from haha). Thanks to Zach Attack for uploading the first release.

Track List:

1. Scum Blues
2. Not Again
3. That's Right
4. Heavy Duty Weekend
5. Tijuana
6. Lazy
7. Vulture
8. Same Shit
9. The Crew
10. Ride 911
11. Dirtbag
12. Wastoids




DEMO 2008

1. You are the Victim (Raw Power cover)
2. Up the Street



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

INSOLENTS - Spit in the Mirror

The other Insolents album I was talking about! "Spit in the Mirror". Not going to say much here that I haven't already said about them. Plus a song that was on the complete death comp. Again I got this from an Inosolents site.

Death Comp

ENGLISH DOGS - Metalmorphosis 12inch

Here is a more Metal punk album than the previous posts. English Dogs have had quite a change in sound between Metal and punk. I remember finally getting to hear this record at the guitar player for Escondido's CHAOTIC MESS's room. He recorded it on to tape for me and I played the hell out of it. IT sucked though cause the sound levels were all off, cause when he recorded it the master volume knob controled the recordings volume. We were listening to the record as Hesh recorded and we kept turning the music up and down. Due to the fact that we were in a room with 5 people drinking beers. Anyways, if you've heard Forward into Battle or Where the legend Began you'll know what to expect of this. If you've only heard the more G.B.H. style of English DOgs your in for a treat.

Here it is

1. Nightmare of Reality
2. Absolution
3. Let the Killing begin


LUMMOX - Natural Born Swillers

This is such a great album for anyone who likes Beer, Punk, and Country! Lummox from Canada! This features Cretin on vocals and guitar from Dayglo Abortions. There was a time when I was looking for this CD forever and when I finally got it played the hell out of it. When my brother and I started up in Dirtbag are serious top three influences were AC/DC, Gang Green, and Dayglo Abortions (cretin vocal era). So when I finally got to get my hands on this I couldn't wait to bump it. I wasn't dissatisfied at all. I was actually more impressed than I thought I would. I only wish they recorded another album. Seen a couple of comps with their name on it with song tracks that are not on this, but no other self releases.

Here it is...check it out!

1. Natural Born Swillers
2.New Country
3. Beautiful needle pokin ho's
4.I'm a big fat lum
5.This is my party
4. the woman next to me
5.It Doesn't matter
7.Put the Cunt back in Country
8.Hockey Fight
9.D & the China kitchen
10. Rockem Sockem
11.10,000 Beers
12.I wrote that song
13.Drink'n and fight'n
14.The midnight rockstar
15.all boiled up
16. Boneheads Butt

Download Here


If you were wondering what ever happened to some members of Hellfire Trigger went off to do here is Joyful Sounds. Fronted by C.J. who also sang for Hellfire trigger and other members from north county local bands. I have had the pleasure of having these guys play at my house at one time. A few bands stayed there this last year during their tours and I will be posting the shit they gave me if I think it's good.
This band blows me away everytime I see them live. They once were playing a hardcore fest at the Trilogy Theatre in Victorville, CA. I thought this was an odd show for them ,because it was mainly hardcore straight edge bands that were on New Age records. All the bands had little merch booths with anti-eating meat literature and all sporting aggressive straight edge gear. I just went to the show to support Joyful Sounds with my buddy Clumzy. We were laughing because the owner of the club was hiding in the corner smoking a ciggarette far away from everyone cause 99.9% of everyone were straight edge.Clumzy and I invited him over to our truck and lit up a joint before the set. He wouldn't partake in the joint, but the cool as dudes from BLOOD STANDS STILL did. Felt like being in a church drunk but at a show. Just an uncomfortable feeling, until Joyful Sounds hit their first chord and lit up the stage. I've seen a few times before that time, and everytime they play they give it their all. Fast, tight and very aggressive! Reminds me of early good east coast, midwest hardcore. This is their first demo. They have a split out with a band called Kamikazi Attitude out now and is well worth only $5. Which is available at brain constipation records website. Seriously if you ever get a chance to catch these guys, DO IT!!! I loved Hellfire Trigger, but Joyful Sounds really amp me up. Here is their 1st demo. A bit poorer quality than there recent release. but gives you an idea. Even has a cool VOID cover on it.

Track List:

1. The Old Man And The Scene
2. Storyteller
3. I Win, You Lose
4. Eye For An Eye
5. Fuck 1984, This Is 2007
6. My Rules


INSOLENTS - "Spout Off"

Awe! San Diego's "Insolents". A very under rated and unknown band to many punks I've met and known in the San Diego area. but again at the same time loved by those who do know who they are. I actually heard them for the first time off the Mystic Sampler. Then again off the Complete Death comp. They are not a real fast punk band but not poppy at all. I'll buy some good weed and crack open a 30 box with brother and fucking blast this shit in my garage. I'll step on my skateboard drunk with this blasting and for some reason think I can still sk8 the way I used to. Only to be disapointed, sore and needing another brew. They have another album out " Spit in the Mirror" which is also a good time in listening. I'll be posting some more old San Diego bands later. This one is actually taken from an insolents site.


Might as well start off the blog with one of the bands that really lit a fire under my ass to get out and experience shit with the bands I'm in. First met the cool dudes from Hellfire Trigger August 27, 2004 at the Longshot Saloon(which is now closed, lot of crazy drunken memories there) in San Marcos, CA. Hellfire Trigger played a very strong set that night and stood out and they had their own sound. From that night on I've seen and played countless memorable shows with these dudes. They had a strong straight edge following and were many times mistaken as a straight edge band. Which is not true with all the members. They were about 50% to 75% straight edge with a certain lineup. . They never judged anyone and always played with 110%. They even open their own venue the "Hellfire House" in Vista and threw some epic shows along with starting up Brain Constipation records . Unfortunitaly Hellfire trigger is no longer but there has been talks of a reunition show.
Here is a group picture from 2005 when Dirtbag, Hellfire Trigger and Kill City played at the old Havasu Underground.

So here is their first CD which I believe is now out of print. In my opinion not there best release, because this album did not do their live show justice at all. I recommend their second and last release "Sent Down to Burn" as their best. You can get their newer album "Sent down to burn" still. But this album still has great songs (some of which are also on "Sent Down to Burn") on it. The recording quality would be the albums biggest set back, but the great songs help you get past that fact. Thanks to Zach Attack for uploading this album

Track List:

1. Beyond Recognition
2. All These3. Restless
4. Open Window
5. Lay In The Snow
6. Paper Tiger
7. Stand Up
8. Back To Back
9. Germs On Soap
10-20. Silence then various thank you's to various people