Monday, October 20, 2008

PC DEATH SQUAD - Shit Talking and Mayhem

PC Death Squad is an awesome riffy thrash band from San Diego, CA. This album is awesome. The songs have really ripping riffs and humurous lyrics. Check out their two music videos "hella Sick" and "Fuck Metallica" on if you ever get the chance. They'll have you breaking things. I must say this is one of the best of the new wave of thrash bands that the 2000's has to offer. The singer has ties, I guess, to earlier hardcore outfits, but none as good as PCDS. Hope you like this album as much as I do.

1.March Of The Pcds
2.Pc Death Squad
3.Fuck Yourself
4.One Signature Away
5.Spg (Exploited)
6.The Lurk
7.An Open Letter
8.Army (Raw Power)
9.Full Circle
10.Metal Thrashin Mad (Anthrax)


toxik boys said...

hey, your blog is great!

thanks for add my link!!!

unnerve said...

man thanks for posting this i heard these guys once before and i loved what i heard,,killer band,,gotta love these guys!!