Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ENGLISH DOGS - Where the Legend Began LP

The last record of the 4 Metal/Punk English Dogs releases. I already posted 'Metalmorphosis" earlier and you can find "Forward into Battle" and "To The Ends of the Earth" over at DOWN UNDERGROUND. If you have heard any of those releases you'll know what to expect from this. The vocals on this are slightly different from the other metal/punk releases. Seems to be trying to actually sing more on this recording. Guitar player still rages and shreds all over the place. First time I heard this record was from from my buddy Clay. We would always blast English Dogs when we were out and about killing our brain cells. Anways here it is....enjoy!


1 Trauma
2 The Eye Of The Shamahn
3 Enter The Domain
4 Premonition
5 Calm Before The Storm
6 Flashback
7 A Tomb Of Traveler's Past
8 Middle Earth
9 Epilogue

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