Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bring Me Down

4 way split (False Cause, Scheisse Minnelli, Toe Tag, Last Rites)

4 songs, 4 bands. Got this 7 inch from Schiesse Minnelli when they came over to CA on their 2008 tour. Seen 3 out of 4 of the bands on here live. Last Rites being the only band I have yet to witness. False Cause from Las Vegas kicked ass when we played with them in Vegas, Toe Tag is Blaine from the the Accussed and Farts new project with ex members of the Accused. Got a chance to play with em on our 2006 tour. Scheisse Minnelli is a kick ass skate punk outfit from Germany, and I don't know much about this Last Rites.

1. Jihad - False Cause
2. Prom - Scheisse Minnelli
3. Whipping Boy - Toe Tag
4. Bring me Down - Last Rites

My brother (guy in hoodie) filling in on lead for a few songs during Schiesse Minneli's set in
Las Vegas