Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let's drink some beer!

GANG GREEN - Another Case Of Brewtality

Gang Green has always been one of the top dogs in my music collection. I have a enjoyed everything these guys have had to offer. Fast, skate, drunk punk with songs about everything from to eviction parties to just being hungover all day on the couch. The shit I can relate to. ANOTHER CASE OF BREWTALITY is my hands down favorite GANG GREEN album. Ever since I heard "Sold Out" I was hooked on these guys. CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!!! grab your boards, crack open some tall cans and smoke the goods...this shit will fuck you up!


1. Eviction Party – 1:10
2. Wash The Blood – 2:19
3. Break The Bottle – 2:05
4. Hole In The Road – 2:01
5. Death Of The Party – 2:30
6. I Missed It – 1:04
7. Beach Whistle – 3:50
8. Don't You Know – 1:42
9. Tricked Into Bed Again – 1:47
10. Denied – 1:00
11. This Job Sucks – 2:10
12. Out On The Couch – 2:10
13. Weekend Millionaire – 2:45
14. I'll Worry About It Monday – 2:37
15. Time To Pay – 2:14
16. Say Good Buy – 2:00
17. Livin' In Oblivion – 2:02
18. Accidental Overdose – 2:09
19. 6000 Crucified Slaves – 2:11
20. Suspect Device – 2:12
21. Penalty Box – 1:02
22. To The Point – 0:55
23. Here To Stay – 1:13


Thursday, February 12, 2009

SPITTING ON COPS - (original demo)

If you don't already know....SPITTING ON COPS is an active hardcore punk band I am currently in. They started, I think, in 2004-2005. I remember the night before they recorded this demo. I convinced their drummer at the time to drive over to the city of Barstow and get wasted. We drank till about 6 am and he had to go record at 10 am. He was hungover as shit on these haha. Turns out to be me on drums these days along with bringing in my brother Mike too. On this demo they have Adrian playing guitar. This was never ment for proper release, but rather a giveaway CD at their early shows.....Most of the stuff was rerecorded later, with yet another drummer before me Mike Montoya (FECAL MATTER, DIRTAG, SET TO DESTROY). My brother and I have yet to record with the group but have been in the band longer than any of the cats on the recordings besides the CLUMZY and BIG MIKE. We finally are hitting the studio again in Two weeks to record 25 brand new tracks. Anyways hope you enjoy this old sloppy, drunk, simple demo SPITTING ON COPS did.

1 intro
2 Spitting on Cops
3 Desert Rat
4 Drunk Punk Anthem
5 Kill and EMO kid
6 Michael Jackson
7 Paybacks a bitch
8 Santa Clause
9 Unity
10 Cops should be Crypts
11 Clamz


From a show Spitting on Cops did with this demo's lineup

BIG MIKE (SOC bassist)

Friday, February 6, 2009


THIS IS SET TO DESTROY! Pretty much the remaining active members from Fecal Matter + my little brother Mike is in this band as well. Check this shit out...and stay tuned for a full's just waiting to be released here very soon.


DRAIN BRAMAGED - Seven Course Meal
"This is the famous Drain Bramaged band. We know of no other musick produced by any other band which drinx so much this day and age. Our exclusive alcohol influenced musick produces a sight, a sound and experience you will find in no other band in any place!"

That was on the back of a business card the bass player Scottch gave to me when Dirtbag first played with them. Great band to see live. Lot's and lot's of heavy drinking, spitting on each other and anything else that could possibly happen when brain cells are being drowned. You knew when they were playing their was a party coming with it and that's why Dirtbag clicked well with these dudes. This is the latest release these guys did which is still old. I know they have recorded some stuff since but hasn't had a proper release. Go buy a keg and bump this while you skate around till you puke.

1 Intro
2 Power is bullshit
3 Piss you off
4 Sober man
5 A.m.p.b.
6 On my side
7 Public Service Announcement
8 We all cuss
9 Jerry Springer
10 Why
11 Boiling pot
12 Seven course meal
13 3/14/99