Friday, February 6, 2009


DRAIN BRAMAGED - Seven Course Meal
"This is the famous Drain Bramaged band. We know of no other musick produced by any other band which drinx so much this day and age. Our exclusive alcohol influenced musick produces a sight, a sound and experience you will find in no other band in any place!"

That was on the back of a business card the bass player Scottch gave to me when Dirtbag first played with them. Great band to see live. Lot's and lot's of heavy drinking, spitting on each other and anything else that could possibly happen when brain cells are being drowned. You knew when they were playing their was a party coming with it and that's why Dirtbag clicked well with these dudes. This is the latest release these guys did which is still old. I know they have recorded some stuff since but hasn't had a proper release. Go buy a keg and bump this while you skate around till you puke.

1 Intro
2 Power is bullshit
3 Piss you off
4 Sober man
5 A.m.p.b.
6 On my side
7 Public Service Announcement
8 We all cuss
9 Jerry Springer
10 Why
11 Boiling pot
12 Seven course meal
13 3/14/99


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