Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here is a collection of recordings done by Bad Posture! Includes an 8 song demo, Live Tracks and and 8 song 12" ep! You may have heard them on the "Not so Quiet on the western front' compilation with the song from the demo "GDMFSOB". I picked up this CD a while back...originally drawn to it because of the cover. As you can see, it has a crazy ass looking baby? holding a bloody knife! The guy at the counter held my I.D. as collateral as I popped the CD in the listening center in the record shop. I only previewed the first 5 songs and went back to the counter and bought it. Great early hardcore punk, in the vein of Sick Pleasure, Condemned to Death and other early snotty punk from CA! Check this one out!
1. GDMFSOB (demo)
2. Get Tough (demo)
3. Time for Smack (demo)
4. Brains (demo)
5. Nowhere to go (demo)
6. My World (demo)
7. Rumble (demo)
8. What are we fighting for? (live in 82')
9. GDMFSOB (live in 82')
10. Aggravati0n (live in 82')
11. Time for Smack (live in 82')
12. Signal 30 (live in 82')
13. Arrrgh (live in 82')
14. FTW (live in 82')
15. Rumble (live in 82')
16. What are we fighting for? (live in 82')
17. Get Tough (live in 82')
18. Brains (live in 82')
19. Apathy (live in 82')
20. Star (live in 82')
21. Get Tough (12 inch ep)
22. F.T.W. (12 inch ep)
23. Time for Smack (12 inch ep)
24. GDMFSOB (12 inch ep)
25. Kill the Peace (12 inch ep)
26. Brains (12 inch ep)
27. Nowhere to go (12 inch ep)
28. Born Sick (12 inch ep)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

FECAL MATTER - complete demo's

FECAL MATTER from Victorville, CA. The top dogs of the drunk skate punk coming from the high desert area. I've learned there is and was a lot of good bands from the desert that never really played outside of desert. You would have to have been living out here to have heard of most of em. But every hardcore punk was causing chaos at local shows for the local heavyweight desert bands. FECAL MATTER was fronted by the beloved CLAMZ who passed away a few years back. I was honored that Dirtbag got to play live with FECAL MATTER during their last few shows before he passed. This is the complete recordings of Fecal Matter so you won't be disapointed. If you are interested some of the members continue to this day in SET TO DESTROY who just did CD a split with Oppressed Logic and a two other hardcore/thrash/punk bands. That CD is available here.


1. The Pledge
2. Near Beer for Queers
3. Nazis in Blue
4. Let's get fucked up
5. Liquor store song
6. Couch Life
7. Church is a Sin
8.Fecal Matter Means Shit (Original)
9. Skate to Hell
10. Minimum Wage
11. American Dream
12. Wasting Your LIfe
13. Stabbed in Back
14. Cops Kill
15. Uptown Downtown
16. 40 oz
17. Fecal Matter means shit
18. I killed Mommy (Dayglo Abortions)

Here is Clamz doing one of his last shows (RIP)


The late, great and short lived Peter Panic Paranioa from Victorville, CA. I lived with these dudes for about a year in a shared room with no door. Partying with PPP was something i did alot. The band dispanded completely pretty much when Eric (guitar vocals) left to South Africa for a job. Eric also played with Spitting on Cops ( and rolled the best blunts fast ) but never got to record with us. They strayed away from the typical punk sound that was being played by many of the local bands at the time. I would love to see these dudes get back together. Very well written songs and their show was always fun to see. A definitive band in the High Desert Punk Scene. This demo was recorded in the garage of the house we lived in by Scott (drummer) and his computer studio stuff. Same place Dirtbag recorded the 2008 demo, which was very hard at the time to stay sober enough to record. Anyways check out this demo from Peter Panic Paranoia.


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Got working links for Dirtbag, Hellfire Trigger and Joyful Sounds again. Check em out if you had problems before.

SPITTING ON COPS - Cops Should Be Killed

This post was coming sooner or later. SPITTING ON COPS is a hardcore punk band my brother and I also play with. I was actually a big fan of the band before I joined up with them. Originally started up by Clumzy and Big Mike from local legends Drunken Hooligans. My brother and I joined Spitting on Cops shortly after this album was recorded. We are actually in the works of recording a crap load of new songs for another album. This is a great band to play with because everyone in the group loves what we do and don't care if you don't. If you live in the High Desert your understand they way cops do shit out here. It's not uncommon for cops out here to abuse their authority on local punks. There is to many incidents to name, but anyone out here has a story. Check us out whenever you can. Come up to us and we'll drink few beers and smoke some goods. Maybe we'll be in your town in 2009. Check it out!

1. Spitting On Cops
2. Desert Rats
3. I'm So Drunk
4. Paybacks A Bitch
5. Home is where the Heart is (DFL cover)
6. Drunk Punk Anthem
7. Kill An Emo Kid
8. Michael Jackson Loves His Boys
9. Cops Should Be Killed
10. Too Fat To Skate
11. Unity/Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag Cover)
12. No Suck Thing As Santa Clause
13. Beer And Weed
14. Clamz


(thanks to Zach for uploading this)



Thanks to a new blog that was brought to my attention. BLOG OF LEAST RESISTANCE uploaded this demo from a great band. I first met the singer for this band at a show that Zach over at Blog of Least resistance threw in Phelan. Vocalist Manny was passing out free demo's of his band Malice of Forethought. They weren't playing but soon after that night we Dirtbag and Malice of Forethought would. Manny lived out of his car and would drive around and pick kids up to go to shows. Their Bassist Randy throws shows in the Inland Empire and is always very active in the scene. Seeing Malice of Forethought is a must if you enjoy the demo because it's just a preview of the intensity of their live show. Check this demo out. These guys don't give a fuck about record labels or trying to be the cool band everyone knows. They just live and breathe what they believe in and that is a breathe of fresh air with bands today.

Check out this awesome demo

Track list:

1. Cry For Help
2. No Thanx
3. Dream On
4. Hate Crime
5. Yoko Oh No
6. Rock Star/ American Brutality
7. Malicious Intent
8. Corruption
9. God Bless the Taliban


Friday, November 7, 2008


After visiting Mark over at DOWN UNDERGOUND I got an urge to share some pictures of where I currently live. Just about a week ago on my days off I went out and camped out at a local spot Owl Canyon. It's a really cool little spot out here just to get away. I'll load up the BBQ goodies, ice chest full of beer, and bring plenty of good smoke. These are some pictures i found on the web of the place I go to. I will being posting my own here as well..when I locate my camera. There is a lot more to this place that is not seen in these photos. Sometimes I'll just drive out there with my beautiful girlfriend and hike out to one of the caves and chill (a better cave than the one photographed.) A must see place if your ever in my neck of the desert!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

HUMUNGUS - A Reason to Care

"A Reason to Care" by HUMUNGUS! Another great band with Nick Sicki on vocals or known as Nick at Nite (according to the insert). Man, that guys has been in some kick ass groups(Sick Pleasure/Verbal Abuse etc...) This is their first album before Cheetah Chrome joined in and the they recorded "I Hate Motherfucking Cops".
Great lyrics and riffs.....I'll post the lyrics along with this album here shortly. Great hardcore punk definelty worth checking out!

1. In The Womb
2. Politically correct song
3. A Reason to Care
4. (Freedom got a Shotgun)
5. Censorship
6. (No One but yourself)
7. Color Blind
8. Shit Happens
9. (wambly)
10. One way out
11. Learn to say FUCK YOU


LOVE in reverse!

EVOL - Experiment in Fear
Evol's experiment in fear....Really cool album. Has that Suicidal Tendencies feel to it that alot of the Venice beach thrash bands had. My buddy Blake turned me on to these dudes a while back. He wrote some member of the band to get the album. I listened to this album alot when we would have drunken bonfires in random desert spots. One of the cool things about the desert! Raging fires, loud ass music and drunkeness in the middle of nowhere. Anyways check these dudes out!


1. Experiment in Fear
2. Abandoned Society
3. Crimes of violence
4. One word of truth
5. Death machine
6. Why
7. Evolove
8. Cyco-self


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

THE ROWDY ONES - Along Come the Rowdy Ones

[not actual cover]
Here's a pretty cool skate punk outfit from the the east coast. From Worcester, MA comes the ROWDY ONES. Dirtbag was supposed to play a couple of shows with these guys when they were coming to the west coast, but that fell through. I'm not sure if this ever got an official release or not. Great songs to skate to and have a good time. They are still together so check em out if you have the chance. Check it Out


1. Rowdy Ones Anthem
2. Skate Worcester
3. Sick of being sane
4. Butcher shop Factory
5. Give me a gun
6. Fast food fast
7. Halloween 2004
8. 171 demo
9. I'm too fucked to die
10. 80's sluts
11. Let's go skate
12. Weekend Warrior
13. Zombie Party
14. We'll Eat Your Skin