Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here is a collection of recordings done by Bad Posture! Includes an 8 song demo, Live Tracks and and 8 song 12" ep! You may have heard them on the "Not so Quiet on the western front' compilation with the song from the demo "GDMFSOB". I picked up this CD a while back...originally drawn to it because of the cover. As you can see, it has a crazy ass looking baby? holding a bloody knife! The guy at the counter held my I.D. as collateral as I popped the CD in the listening center in the record shop. I only previewed the first 5 songs and went back to the counter and bought it. Great early hardcore punk, in the vein of Sick Pleasure, Condemned to Death and other early snotty punk from CA! Check this one out!
1. GDMFSOB (demo)
2. Get Tough (demo)
3. Time for Smack (demo)
4. Brains (demo)
5. Nowhere to go (demo)
6. My World (demo)
7. Rumble (demo)
8. What are we fighting for? (live in 82')
9. GDMFSOB (live in 82')
10. Aggravati0n (live in 82')
11. Time for Smack (live in 82')
12. Signal 30 (live in 82')
13. Arrrgh (live in 82')
14. FTW (live in 82')
15. Rumble (live in 82')
16. What are we fighting for? (live in 82')
17. Get Tough (live in 82')
18. Brains (live in 82')
19. Apathy (live in 82')
20. Star (live in 82')
21. Get Tough (12 inch ep)
22. F.T.W. (12 inch ep)
23. Time for Smack (12 inch ep)
24. GDMFSOB (12 inch ep)
25. Kill the Peace (12 inch ep)
26. Brains (12 inch ep)
27. Nowhere to go (12 inch ep)
28. Born Sick (12 inch ep)

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Anonymous said...

Their singer "4 ways" is now in SUICIDE KING NYC the one and only "punk'n'roll"-band their most of the others stole their ideas from...