Sunday, November 16, 2008

FECAL MATTER - complete demo's

FECAL MATTER from Victorville, CA. The top dogs of the drunk skate punk coming from the high desert area. I've learned there is and was a lot of good bands from the desert that never really played outside of desert. You would have to have been living out here to have heard of most of em. But every hardcore punk was causing chaos at local shows for the local heavyweight desert bands. FECAL MATTER was fronted by the beloved CLAMZ who passed away a few years back. I was honored that Dirtbag got to play live with FECAL MATTER during their last few shows before he passed. This is the complete recordings of Fecal Matter so you won't be disapointed. If you are interested some of the members continue to this day in SET TO DESTROY who just did CD a split with Oppressed Logic and a two other hardcore/thrash/punk bands. That CD is available here.


1. The Pledge
2. Near Beer for Queers
3. Nazis in Blue
4. Let's get fucked up
5. Liquor store song
6. Couch Life
7. Church is a Sin
8.Fecal Matter Means Shit (Original)
9. Skate to Hell
10. Minimum Wage
11. American Dream
12. Wasting Your LIfe
13. Stabbed in Back
14. Cops Kill
15. Uptown Downtown
16. 40 oz
17. Fecal Matter means shit
18. I killed Mommy (Dayglo Abortions)

Here is Clamz doing one of his last shows (RIP)

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