Sunday, November 16, 2008


The late, great and short lived Peter Panic Paranioa from Victorville, CA. I lived with these dudes for about a year in a shared room with no door. Partying with PPP was something i did alot. The band dispanded completely pretty much when Eric (guitar vocals) left to South Africa for a job. Eric also played with Spitting on Cops ( and rolled the best blunts fast ) but never got to record with us. They strayed away from the typical punk sound that was being played by many of the local bands at the time. I would love to see these dudes get back together. Very well written songs and their show was always fun to see. A definitive band in the High Desert Punk Scene. This demo was recorded in the garage of the house we lived in by Scott (drummer) and his computer studio stuff. Same place Dirtbag recorded the 2008 demo, which was very hard at the time to stay sober enough to record. Anyways check out this demo from Peter Panic Paranoia.


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