Wednesday, November 5, 2008

HUMUNGUS - A Reason to Care

"A Reason to Care" by HUMUNGUS! Another great band with Nick Sicki on vocals or known as Nick at Nite (according to the insert). Man, that guys has been in some kick ass groups(Sick Pleasure/Verbal Abuse etc...) This is their first album before Cheetah Chrome joined in and the they recorded "I Hate Motherfucking Cops".
Great lyrics and riffs.....I'll post the lyrics along with this album here shortly. Great hardcore punk definelty worth checking out!

1. In The Womb
2. Politically correct song
3. A Reason to Care
4. (Freedom got a Shotgun)
5. Censorship
6. (No One but yourself)
7. Color Blind
8. Shit Happens
9. (wambly)
10. One way out
11. Learn to say FUCK YOU


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