Friday, November 7, 2008


After visiting Mark over at DOWN UNDERGOUND I got an urge to share some pictures of where I currently live. Just about a week ago on my days off I went out and camped out at a local spot Owl Canyon. It's a really cool little spot out here just to get away. I'll load up the BBQ goodies, ice chest full of beer, and bring plenty of good smoke. These are some pictures i found on the web of the place I go to. I will being posting my own here as well..when I locate my camera. There is a lot more to this place that is not seen in these photos. Sometimes I'll just drive out there with my beautiful girlfriend and hike out to one of the caves and chill (a better cave than the one photographed.) A must see place if your ever in my neck of the desert!


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It's like the exact opposite of where I live.
Man,looks like you need a good pair of boots to traverse that area.
Yeah,I'd like to see your own pics.Go into the caves.What does it look like in there.Are there bats?
I bet that place has alot of history.