Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thanks to a new blog that was brought to my attention. BLOG OF LEAST RESISTANCE uploaded this demo from a great band. I first met the singer for this band at a show that Zach over at Blog of Least resistance threw in Phelan. Vocalist Manny was passing out free demo's of his band Malice of Forethought. They weren't playing but soon after that night we Dirtbag and Malice of Forethought would. Manny lived out of his car and would drive around and pick kids up to go to shows. Their Bassist Randy throws shows in the Inland Empire and is always very active in the scene. Seeing Malice of Forethought is a must if you enjoy the demo because it's just a preview of the intensity of their live show. Check this demo out. These guys don't give a fuck about record labels or trying to be the cool band everyone knows. They just live and breathe what they believe in and that is a breathe of fresh air with bands today.

Check out this awesome demo

Track list:

1. Cry For Help
2. No Thanx
3. Dream On
4. Hate Crime
5. Yoko Oh No
6. Rock Star/ American Brutality
7. Malicious Intent
8. Corruption
9. God Bless the Taliban


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ZAchAtTacK69 said...

Fuck yeah I remember that show at Camp Jubilee. It was you guys, Nuclear Waste, We're Single, Anti-Hippies, that one Christian band and my dumbass drunk as hell shouting in the microphone. That was the first time I met you all with a fucking car trunk full of beer. Good times.