Tuesday, November 4, 2008

THE ROWDY ONES - Along Come the Rowdy Ones

[not actual cover]
Here's a pretty cool skate punk outfit from the the east coast. From Worcester, MA comes the ROWDY ONES. Dirtbag was supposed to play a couple of shows with these guys when they were coming to the west coast, but that fell through. I'm not sure if this ever got an official release or not. Great songs to skate to and have a good time. They are still together so check em out if you have the chance. Check it Out


1. Rowdy Ones Anthem
2. Skate Worcester
3. Sick of being sane
4. Butcher shop Factory
5. Give me a gun
6. Fast food fast
7. Halloween 2004
8. 171 demo
9. I'm too fucked to die
10. 80's sluts
11. Let's go skate
12. Weekend Warrior
13. Zombie Party
14. We'll Eat Your Skin


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