Saturday, October 25, 2008

VERBAL ABUSE - Red, White and Violent

One of Verbal Abuses later releases of crossover, hardcore thrash. This one is even more metal the Verbal Abuse "Rocks Your Liver" lp. Scotty Wilkins is still on vocals on this recording and I think it sounds pretty good. A lot different than with Nicki Sicki on vocals on "American Band" lp, but still a good album. I have a couple buddies who actually think this is their best album. I wouldn't quite say that, but I would say it is very underated and worth picking up. Always thought the cover art of this album was weak and could have been better. Check it out for yourself!


1.Times Runnin' Out
2.Dancin' in a Cyclone
3.Her Last Sin
4.Another Day
5.Right from the Start
6.Red, White & Violent
7.All Juiced Up
9.Locked In
10.Concrete Walls


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