Thursday, February 12, 2009

SPITTING ON COPS - (original demo)

If you don't already know....SPITTING ON COPS is an active hardcore punk band I am currently in. They started, I think, in 2004-2005. I remember the night before they recorded this demo. I convinced their drummer at the time to drive over to the city of Barstow and get wasted. We drank till about 6 am and he had to go record at 10 am. He was hungover as shit on these haha. Turns out to be me on drums these days along with bringing in my brother Mike too. On this demo they have Adrian playing guitar. This was never ment for proper release, but rather a giveaway CD at their early shows.....Most of the stuff was rerecorded later, with yet another drummer before me Mike Montoya (FECAL MATTER, DIRTAG, SET TO DESTROY). My brother and I have yet to record with the group but have been in the band longer than any of the cats on the recordings besides the CLUMZY and BIG MIKE. We finally are hitting the studio again in Two weeks to record 25 brand new tracks. Anyways hope you enjoy this old sloppy, drunk, simple demo SPITTING ON COPS did.

1 intro
2 Spitting on Cops
3 Desert Rat
4 Drunk Punk Anthem
5 Kill and EMO kid
6 Michael Jackson
7 Paybacks a bitch
8 Santa Clause
9 Unity
10 Cops should be Crypts
11 Clamz


From a show Spitting on Cops did with this demo's lineup

BIG MIKE (SOC bassist)


Zer said...

Zer!!!! Amazing!!! We want to play with you!!!

Anonymous said...

fuck yeah!