Friday, October 24, 2008

J.F.A. - s/t LP

JFA's second full length record! I don't know whey they haven't re-released this record yet with the success of re-releasing "Valley of the Yakes" and "Blantant Localism" on one CD. This was the first JFA stuff I heard when I was young. "The Day Walt Disney Died" was the very first JFA song I heard. Eventually I had all JFA's recordings even their weird ass album. CLASSIC SKATE PUNK RECORD. Check it out.

1. Deltitnu
2. tentpeg
3. aba
4. it's not right
5. the day walt disney died
6. standin on the verge
7. I love broads
8. ramp song
9. pipetruck
10. zimbobway
11. untitled


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Aesop said...

I agree, this needs to be reissued. Such a great album and a huge part of my upbrining. Thanks for posting this.