Monday, October 20, 2008

SOCIAL SPIT - Pyscho Ward

Social Spit, a band from the early San Diego punk scene. This EP was originally released on Mystic Records. Got this CD version a couple years back when they played a show with Chaotic Mess and Caustic Uproar. The CD is on Pegleg records. Which is self re-released by them and poking fun at the singer who has a fake leg. I missed the show due to transportation, but my buddy was there and picked me up a CD. The CD has more tracks than the original 7 inch which I also own. Pyscho Ward original has been posted I believe.t I decided to put this one up cause of the bonus material, and the fact these guys still once and a while will play. There are way cool dudes from what I have heard from my friends who were at the few shows they did again.


1.Reagan Gun Club
3.Death of a Salesman
4.Crowd Control
5.All the Beggars
6.Pyscho Ward
7.Kidz from Nowhere
8.Warhead (Uk Subs Cover)


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James said...

Another excellent post! Thanks again!