Sunday, October 19, 2008

WHOPPERS TASTE GOOD - The Four Year Debacle

Hailing from St. Lous comes WHOPPERS TASTE GOOD. I originally heard these guys from another blog site that had their old 7 inch "Don't They" posted. After hearing "Don't They" I was curious if WTG had any more recordings out. Found WTG has a myspace profile and asked them where I could find more of their stuff. WTG wrote back asking for my address and mailed me 2 CD's and a T-Shirt. I didn't actually think they were going to send anything, but I recieved a package in the mail that had 2 CD's and a shirt. My brother and I listened to both CD's all that week and kept looking at each other saying "why the fuck have we never heard of these guys before?".
Inside the album it says "we encourage you to feel free and burn copies of this for others." So this is my way of doing that. They have a metal edge to em but stay punk. Reminds me a little of Dayglo Abortions "Two Dogs Fucking" style of metal and punk. Hope you like it as much as I have. Personal favorite track on here is "Mobile Dirt."


1. Stumble of the W.T.G.
2. Ride the Spike
3.Cheap Beer
5.Mobile Dirt
6.Mattress Tester
7.John Green
8.No Flo



Aesop said...

New blogs excite me, and this one looks good. Added your link.

Anonymous said...

hey there, I love w.t.g. ever since they released their 2 old 7"inches, any chancwe to reupload the four year debackle, that would be awesome