Sunday, October 19, 2008


These guys were such a good band. When I first moved out to the desert, I met their bass player at a show in Victorville. Their bass player, John, was the first cool dude I met out here. John ended up playing bass with Dirtbag four years later until he moved to Idaho. First time I saw them play was a shitty show I setup in Barstow at the Club Odyssey. They rarely would play local shows due to their was no real thrash scene in the desert. They also have a split album out with Brazillian thrashers Bandanos that is available now. Towards the end of them playing shows Ruben wasn't singing for them anymore.Cane (their guitar player) took over the job of vocals. I think Cane is playing bass on this record according to the picture on the back of the lp. Ruben is doing the vocals on this and actually all their studio recordings. Check em out...if you like thrash, here it is. Even has a cool Beyond Possession cover on it.


1. Boneyard
2.Crossover Mayhem
3.Dark Exodus
4.Deadly Force
5.Kick Ass
6.No One's Safe
7.Prepare to Die
8.Until I die
9.Vengence (Beyond Possession cover)
11.Zombie Attack


Here is a flyer from a show I threw with them in lovely Barstow.

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