Tuesday, October 14, 2008

INSOLENTS - "Spout Off"

Awe! San Diego's "Insolents". A very under rated and unknown band to many punks I've met and known in the San Diego area. but again at the same time loved by those who do know who they are. I actually heard them for the first time off the Mystic Sampler. Then again off the Complete Death comp. They are not a real fast punk band but not poppy at all. I'll buy some good weed and crack open a 30 box with brother and fucking blast this shit in my garage. I'll step on my skateboard drunk with this blasting and for some reason think I can still sk8 the way I used to. Only to be disapointed, sore and needing another brew. They have another album out " Spit in the Mirror" which is also a good time in listening. I'll be posting some more old San Diego bands later. This one is actually taken from an insolents site.



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ratjac said...

The new INSOLENTS web site is
thanks for checking us out

James said...

Thanks for posting this... it brings back good memories.