Tuesday, October 14, 2008


If you were wondering what ever happened to some members of Hellfire Trigger went off to do here is Joyful Sounds. Fronted by C.J. who also sang for Hellfire trigger and other members from north county local bands. I have had the pleasure of having these guys play at my house at one time. A few bands stayed there this last year during their tours and I will be posting the shit they gave me if I think it's good.
This band blows me away everytime I see them live. They once were playing a hardcore fest at the Trilogy Theatre in Victorville, CA. I thought this was an odd show for them ,because it was mainly hardcore straight edge bands that were on New Age records. All the bands had little merch booths with anti-eating meat literature and all sporting aggressive straight edge gear. I just went to the show to support Joyful Sounds with my buddy Clumzy. We were laughing because the owner of the club was hiding in the corner smoking a ciggarette far away from everyone cause 99.9% of everyone were straight edge.Clumzy and I invited him over to our truck and lit up a joint before the set. He wouldn't partake in the joint, but the cool as dudes from BLOOD STANDS STILL did. Felt like being in a church drunk but at a show. Just an uncomfortable feeling, until Joyful Sounds hit their first chord and lit up the stage. I've seen a few times before that time, and everytime they play they give it their all. Fast, tight and very aggressive! Reminds me of early good east coast, midwest hardcore. This is their first demo. They have a split out with a band called Kamikazi Attitude out now and is well worth only $5. Which is available at brain constipation records website. Seriously if you ever get a chance to catch these guys, DO IT!!! I loved Hellfire Trigger, but Joyful Sounds really amp me up. Here is their 1st demo. A bit poorer quality than there recent release. but gives you an idea. Even has a cool VOID cover on it.

Track List:

1. The Old Man And The Scene
2. Storyteller
3. I Win, You Lose
4. Eye For An Eye
5. Fuck 1984, This Is 2007
6. My Rules


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