Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Might as well start off the blog with one of the bands that really lit a fire under my ass to get out and experience shit with the bands I'm in. First met the cool dudes from Hellfire Trigger August 27, 2004 at the Longshot Saloon(which is now closed, lot of crazy drunken memories there) in San Marcos, CA. Hellfire Trigger played a very strong set that night and stood out and they had their own sound. From that night on I've seen and played countless memorable shows with these dudes. They had a strong straight edge following and were many times mistaken as a straight edge band. Which is not true with all the members. They were about 50% to 75% straight edge with a certain lineup. . They never judged anyone and always played with 110%. They even open their own venue the "Hellfire House" in Vista and threw some epic shows along with starting up Brain Constipation records . Unfortunitaly Hellfire trigger is no longer but there has been talks of a reunition show.
Here is a group picture from 2005 when Dirtbag, Hellfire Trigger and Kill City played at the old Havasu Underground.

So here is their first CD which I believe is now out of print. In my opinion not there best release, because this album did not do their live show justice at all. I recommend their second and last release "Sent Down to Burn" as their best. You can get their newer album "Sent down to burn" still. But this album still has great songs (some of which are also on "Sent Down to Burn") on it. The recording quality would be the albums biggest set back, but the great songs help you get past that fact. Thanks to Zach Attack for uploading this album

Track List:

1. Beyond Recognition
2. All These3. Restless
4. Open Window
5. Lay In The Snow
6. Paper Tiger
7. Stand Up
8. Back To Back
9. Germs On Soap
10-20. Silence then various thank you's to various people


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