Thursday, May 21, 2009


SWINDLE - Within These Walls

Here is a CD I got back in High School. Swindle was a local San Diego punk band who I would see once and while. They had a good local following from what I remember. Good shit to hear when it was a time when shitty punk was popping up everywhere...with everyone trying to sound like NOFX and LAGWAGON but doing it horribly. This one brings back some memories of cruising around wasted and skating in Carlsbad and Oceanside. Check it out

1. Chaos Kids
2. Within
3. Give it up
4. One Track
5. U.S.A.
6. My Mind
7. Other Way
8. This One
9. Fuck Madonna
10. The City
11. Skeezer
12. Nation
13. Inside Her
14. Prudershime
15. Runaway
16. Fight Back
17. Don't Know


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chels619 said...

wow!! i haven't seen this album in yearrrsss!! me and my friend sarah grew up to this band! they were my fav local band for while.. they were really good live!!