Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Putter Litter in it's Place

F.Y.P. - Incomplete Crap

Computer is acting like shit so I found this over at another blog I ran across http://strenghtcrew.blogspot.com/ . Check em out. Anyways...This is one of the FYP albums I would blast all the fucking time. it's so damn shitty it's great. On the back of the CD itself all the tracks are in random places and out of order. You had to figure out the correct tracklisting. But here it's all laid out for you. Thanks to strenghtcrew.blogspot for uploading this one. Check it out.


01 Allergic
02 Put Litter In It’s Place
03 Red Light Special
04 Out Of Range
05 F.U./Make It Right
06 Blackout
07 Maynard
08 Born With A Dick
09 Predict The Past
10 Bring It On
11 Ice Cream
12 Animism
13 Fine Print
14 While Supplies Last
15 45 Rpm
16 Guns Are Stoopid
17 Notch
18 In Crowd
19 I Want Your Badge
20 Pledge Of Allegiance Sucks
21 You Should Have Been Aborted
22 Patridiot
23 Boxing Is Dum
24 Bring It On
25 If I Object
26 Warning Signs
27 Seeing Is Believing
28 Dress Code
29 Shut Up
30 Made In USA
31 Unappreciated
32 In Season
33 Detention/Help Us
34 Turn It Off
35 Rejection From Thee Fuckin Vol
36 Remedy
37 Extra Credit/Life Alert
38 Bring It On
39 Tone Test

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ZAchAtTacK69 said...

There's not too many places anymore. There are plenty in Long Beach. Near Lakewood, we have the Allen Theatre in Southgate, The Chain Reaction in Anaheim, and The Anarchy Library (21 and over) in Downey. There's a big hardcore scene (as in that bad metal shit called "hardcore") and they have a lot of backyard shows...I don't know how receptive they'd be to real hardcore punk...There's this place called the Hop that I've been thinking about renting out for a show. I'll let you know when I find out about that. I'll get you guys some shows.

-ZAch AtTacK-