Thursday, April 2, 2009


Here is CAUSTIC UPROAR's final release Recorded by Dirty from Wanted Dead in October of 2007. I recently received a care package from Badger (guitar and lead vocals on all previous recordings) that came with copies of this album and shirts. When I lived in the North San Diego County area we would play together all the time. Since I moved to California Mojave Desert I haven't been up to date with the scene in that area as much and missed out on picking this release earlier. Since their is no distributor for them, done completley DIY, you have to get it directly from the band. This is a great fucking punk album from start to finish!!!!! The riffs, the vocals, the fuckin attitude is all there for the makings of one the best punk albums of the 2000's. These guys are punks playing music for the punks and damn proud of it! Check it out!!!


1. Who's To Blame
2. Nazi Scum
3. Anti PC Generation
4. Liar
5. In It For Life
6. Low Life
7. War
8. Classified Odds
9. City For The Punx
10. Death To Them All


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