Friday, March 13, 2009


This band has been around a while with a few lineup changes, but always fronted by this kid Sean.They have a for sure old hardcore sound and the songs have sped up from when I originally saw them back 2004. Kill City seem to be one of those bands that lays low for little periods, then out of no where is fucking it up again. Kill CIty started playing when everyone seemed to be doing the generic street punk clone bands. Way stoked when I first heard these guys and to know we were having a show soon right after. You can get this at brainconstipation records's a limited edition tape. I don't believe they have many left. If you like...try and get one before they're no more.

1. In My Chamber/The Silence
2. Graveyard Screams From A Neon Hell
3. Speculation


[pic taken from their myspace]


ZAchAtTacK69 said...

Hit me up when you have a date for sure. I will fucking be there. Is there gonna be any new material from Dirtbag or SOC anytime soon?

ZAchAtTacK69 said...

It's good to know that you are keeping Dirtbag going...Too damn great of a band to ever let die. Can't wait to hear some new shit from Dirtbag and SOC. I moved to Lakewood a couple months ago. Anything happening with the scene out there? New bands or any shit like that?