Friday, March 13, 2009


[not actual cover]
Here is a demo Chaotic Mess did over a year ago. I think some of the tracks were on a demo comp 7inch that had a limited press on Get Revenge Records!. I know they have some new soon to be released material. Got this demo on CD-R along with Demo's from San Diego's the Resentments, The Lugers, and Discriminados. I'll post that stuff as well here soon. These Chaotic Mess recordings have a bit better production on them rather than the 2nd album I posted previously. Check it out!

1 Bloody Period Sex
2 Troy Song
3 Box with the Line [/]
4 Fuck Religion
5 Poser
6 Bloody Fetus in the Toilet
7 Sixteen
8 Esco Trash
9 Stupid Fat Slut


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