Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WANTED DEAD - Repercussions

Straight up hardcore punk from the beach city of "O" Side (Oceanside, CA). Wanted Dead has been around since the 90's with members from the Numbskullz. This is their first official full length album they put out. Even did a tour with the Dwarves a while back. If you're ever in the North San Diego County area you'll meet people who will destroy for this band! Definite must see if they are in your area or in their's. I'll be posting their unreleased sampler here shortly! Enjoy!

Track List:
1 Intro
2 Shout Out
3 100 Proof Blackout
4 Revenge
5 Mace on my Face
6 The Bats
7 Fucked at Birth
8 Dancin with the Devil
9 Murder
10 Deathwish
11 Buried in the Sand
12 Violence
13 Society
14 Black Roses
15 Few Good Men


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