Thursday, March 5, 2009

THE LEWD - Kill Yourself Again

This is pretty much the Lewd's Discography from 1978-1982! Includes the rare Kill Yourself 7inch and the whole American Wino LP plus more. I love listening to this shit when I'm high as hell and chugging on some cold ones! I believe they were from Seattle then relocated in SF or is it the other way around? Anyways a must have..check it out!

1. Kill Yourself
2. Trash Can Baby
3. Pay or Die
4. American Wino
5. Justice/Liberty
6. I'm Not Pretty
7. Climate of Fear
8. Magnetic Heart
9. Suburban Prodigy
10. Beyond Moderation
11. Polluted Brain
12. Fight
13. Mobile Home
14. Cold & Numb
15. Gun Fun
16. Lewd Conduct
17. We Are Now
18. Going Downtown
19. Roman Polanski
20. Catastrophe
21. Abomination
22. Scum of the Earth
23. Secret Agent Man
24. Trash Can Baby
25. Roman Polanski
26. Day of Decision
27. Climate of Fear
28. (Go To Hell In) Hollywood


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