Saturday, March 28, 2009

LITMUS GREEN - It Must Suck To Be You

Found this over a new cool blog "Rat Shit Sandwich"! This was the very first Litmus Green album I ever had. Lost if over the years, so thank you Rat Shit Sandwich. I remember drinking 40 oz's in the alley up the street before entering the all age Showcase Theatre venue in Corona and seeing Litmus Green. Great punk rock from start to finish. Check this out!

Track List:

1. Jesus H. Christ
2. Bear Ill Of Monkeys
3. I Hate You
4. P.M.R. Clinton
5. 1-800-97-Jenny
6. Killer Neighbors
7. Squid
8. Operation Unabomer
9. H.A.N.K.
10. Born To Die
11. Slinky-Dinky
12. Bill's On TV Again
13. For-Too
14. Anal Probe


1 comment:

rat-shit said... found the cover...!!!
i only found the cover in a bad quality!!
do you know where i can find the others in good quality from litmus green??
greetings & cheers from germany!!
...and sorry for my bad english...