Friday, June 19, 2009


Here is a new comp that has just been released. Not available for Download, since it's brand spankin new and obviously in print. But a great comp for it's price, and it includes my groups, DIRTBAG and SPITTING ON COPS.

35 bands in all - False Cause, Dogends, The Kilz, Entropy, Naked Aggression, California Redemption, The Last Priority, Psychosomatic, Keep Fighting, Oppressed Logic, Crisis Point, The Vermin, Dead Set Against, Midnight Bombers, Morally Debased, Death Mickie's, Weapon A, Toe Tag, Dead Lazlo's Place, Throat Oyster, Drain Bramaged, Public Defecation, Kill Detail, Outtastep, Y.A.P.O., DIRTBAG, Lab Disaster, Undisputed, SPITTING ON COPS, Cruel Romeos, Bad Samaritans, Homesick Abortions, Badtown Boys, Last Rights, The JDK'Z
There are some really good bands from today on this comp as well as ones that have been around for some time. Not boring by any means. The bands do not all sound the same which makes for a good compilation. So if you want to know and hear some bands still active today, this is a defenite must have

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