Tuesday, July 14, 2009


DESTRUCTION'S END/BANDANOS - Thrash from the Dead (split)

Destruction's End from the High Desert album they put out before calling it quits. Thrash in the vein of the Accused and other fast hitting 80's thrash. One side is our boys from the desert and then other side is Bandanos from Brazil who are just as hard hitting and their thrash partners. Come on ..you can't deny the thrash on this one. Right from the start it opens up with a the audio to Rambo's first blood trailer then kicks your ass with desert thrash! Knocks you out with a Brazillian shred fest! Check out want a couple of members from DE are doing now in Sumerian Axe! Enjoy!

1. First Blood
2. Behemoth
3. The Satanic rites of the wizard red
4. Sell your soul
5. Beyond the grave
6. Demon Possest (extended version)

7. Querido Deus Obrigado
8. Nori Me Fui
9. Azul Vermelho E Branco
10. Oscar De Melhor Ator
11. Justica Da Ruas

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