Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sick Pleasure - s/t

Here is another one of my all time favorite 7 inchs. Sick Pleasure fronted by Nicki Sicki who also sang in Verbal Abuse and Humungus. My band DIRTBAG actually got our name as a tribute to Nicki...he had a short lived band called Dirtbag that never put out anything. I had traded for a live copy of their set someone got a while back. Been trying to locate it..its pretty good. If you like this also check out the CODE OF HONOR/SICK PLEASURE split LP. Enjoy this snotty fuck you punk EP

1. Speed Rules
2. I Wanna Burn My Parents
3. Love Song
4. B.N.S.
5. Disintegration
6. Try to Break Me
7. Time to Change

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