Friday, January 14, 2011


Up Split Creek Vol 1

Here is a pretty cool split from 2 bands in the Lompoc area of CA. Spitting on Cops had the pleasure of playing with Public Defecation at some pizza joint in their neighborhood. Before getting my hands on this I never heard of Johnny Cock and the Nuts. Glad I know em now, I really was expecting something different. JC&the NUTS put out some good ol hardcore punk rock, and Public Defecation crust out some chaos. Bump it


Johnny Cock and the Nuts
1. Gripes
2. Bomber
3. Salty Dog
4. Reaction
5. Milkman's kid
6. Heartthrob
7. French people suck
8. Santa's Holiday
9. Angry Beavers
10. Life in a Bottle

Public Defecation
11. The beginning of the end
12. No Gods, No Government
13. I hate tweakers
14. Already here
15. Fat
16. Killing is addicting
17. Can't Deal
18. The Millions
19. Ex-con


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