Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Country Boy!

HEPTONES - Night Food

Thanks to Mark over at DOWN UNDERGROUND for this great album by the HEPTONES. This is some really good reggae right here. I would say it's up there as one of my favorite reggae albums. It's not all rasta'd out and singing about Jah and revolutions...but rather a kick back album with songs you catch yourself singing along too. Great album from start to finish. This is a must have! If I had a good voice...this is the reggae I would play. Check it out


1.Country Boy
2.I've got the handle
3.Sweet Talking
4.Book of rules
5.Mama Say
7.Love won't come easy
8.Fatty Fatty
9.Baby I need your loving
10.In the groove

(There is some more Heptones available over at DOWN UNDERGROUND)

(pic taken from the web)

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