Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Place Sucks!

THE QUEERS - A Day Late and a Dollar Short
Thirty Four tracks of shitty punk rock. Short songs that just hit one right after the other. Honestly a lot of the songs sound pretty much the if you're expecting something to impress your song writing ear..this is not it. I like it for the sounds like a fucked up band that wanted to sing about their shit, but listened to a lot of Ramones. I really don't care for what the Queers grew into with a lot of their later releases. But I always had fun blasting this one when I was younger...sometimes just to annoy those who hated my music.

1. We'd have a riot doing heroin
2. Terminal Rut
3. Fagtown
4. I want cunt
5. Trash this place
6. Love me
7. Kicked out of Webelos
8. Tulu is a wimp
9. At the Mall
10. I spent the rent
11. I don't wanna work
12. I'm useless
13. This place sucks
14. Wimpy drives through Harlem
15. I like young girls
16. Nuni in New York
17. Nobody likes me
18. Nothing to do
19. Nowhere at all
20. Mac Arthurs park
21. Too much flesh for Tulu
22. Fuck you
23. I didn't want none
24. Meat Wagon
25. I didn't puke
26. Bonehead
27. Wimpy drives through Harlem
28. Nothing to do
29. Gay Boy
30. Nobody Likes me
31. Too many Twinkies
32. Half Shitfaced
33. I live this life
34. Live broadcast WFMU 4-11-94 [Live]


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