Thursday, February 18, 2010

Too High To Die


Here's another album I really like that I play often. Really cool shit here. It's like a blend of Deep Purple/Black Sabbath + Black Flag/RKL. Too bad it looks like this band has called it quits. (thanks to for the upload)

1. Imaginary Mirror
2. Dogends
3. Too High to Die
4. Thanks Anyway
5. Teenage Rebel (Pink Fairies Cover)
6. The Worm
7. Panic
8. Ff2Tg
9. Yuppie Killer
10. Bigger Problems
11. Blast Off
13. Reality? (from the Cosmic Unconsciousness EP)
14. Feel it (from the Cosmic Unconsciousness EP)
15. Annihilate (from the Cosmic Unconsciousness EP)
16. Fast Forward to the Gore (from the Bad Reputation EP)
17. Rock 'n' Roll California (from the Bad Reputation EP)
18. Bad Reputation (from the Bad Reputation EP)
19. Panic (from the Bad Reputation EP)


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alex said...

hell yea, these guys were one of my favorite bands. one of the wildest live shows. check out their new band minus the singer Lecherous Gaze